P3 Programs – Study with the Passion Professor

So you want to be a Student of the Passion Professor?

There are different ways to satisfy our desire for passion. What kind of progra works for one person may not work for someoen else.   We all

Christmas Pics with my Furbaby Boone
Christmas Pics with my Furbaby Boone

have different things that allow ourselves to be held back. Sometimes it is a lack of knowledge, sometimes it is a skill set, and sometimes it is just learning how to give ourselves permission to allow the passion to burn brighter starting from the inside out.

I have a burning desire to help others. When I worked in corporate America I was considered a fixer.  When it comes to people that I meet on my journey now,  it is not so much about fixing as helping. Helping others create a safe space for themselves.

Pick Your Path and Let’s Begin Your Program in Passion

Everyone has a different starting point. This is why I have developed three different ways to work with people and help them on their journey:

Passion for Wellness

Passion for Relationships

Passion for Living

While each of these has tie-ins to the others, the focus is based on the need of the individual.

Part of the learning process is to determine things like:

What really makes you happy?mooneyham wellness more than health

Do you know the difference between happiness and joy?

Are your needs physical? Intellectual? Both?

What is the true source of stress in your life?

What is keeping you off the path you long for?

Is your Love life what YOU want it it be?

There are so many places where the mind-body connection intersect and either keep us hostage where we are or we allow ourselves to reach our full potential.

As an educator, expert and enlightened coach I look forward to being a part of your journey by offering programs that can help you reignite your passion.

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