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Wellness is more than just health. Health is about our physical being and how we live, eat,exercise and even how we breathe. Those things all play an important role in our health, but wellness is more than that. It has to do with our inner state of being.

What is Wellness?

How we are emotionally, how we are philosophically and spiritually? This is so much more than just our physical being but it plays a huge role in the mind-body connection.  What we consume in terms of food, energy and emotions have an impact on us. There are many options to find what will work best for us to be our personal best.  One of the services I offer is creating a plan that combines diet, movement, and energy practices to help you create balance, health and wellness in your life.

When do you consider yourself really well:

is it just when you’re not sick?
Is it when you aren’t stressed?
Maybe you just have energy?
It seems to be an accepted state of being now,  if I’m not sick and tired of being sick and tired than I must be well.
Shouldn’t well be more like:

I’m doing exceptionally beyond the norm –

Love, Self-Love, Empowerment, wellness
Love is Abundant

 I feel good! I feel excited! I feel energized!
And what about your overall wellness ?
Are the other people and experiences you are allowing into your life creating the energy that you would love to have enhance your life?
Do they allow your overall aura of wellness to shine through?

Ready to be Your Passionate Best?

There are lots of ways to enhance your personal wellness without resorting to a prescription.  Practices such as

Energy Healing

Aromatherapy (Or as I like to call it Aphrodisiology and Adventures with Essential Oils)


Personalized Wellness Program

Eating and Exercise Plans

all enhance our overall wellness and are methods that I use to help people. I love sharing what I have learned about nutrition, meditation, stress management and movement with others.  For more information about ways to work with me in this area click here.