Passion for Living

When Was the Last Time You Felt Really Passionate?

Passion brings about a different feeling for each of us. To live passionately goes hand in hand with a passion for living.  For some it is the sweet caress and inspiration of a lover. It could be a cause or idea that propels us to our destiny.  There are those who feel it is an immortal flame that burns bright within us. A flame that we often feel we must protect from the world.  The beauty of that burning light is to let it be fueled by the world we experience and not hidden in the dark recesses of our soul. For passion burns brightest when we release our souls to experience the full light of the fire with in us.

What is your Passion?

Knowledge is power.  When we feel powerful we are more confident.

Is this a question you answer easily?

What if someone told you there was an infinite supply of fuel to propel you to your destiny?
Would that knowledge give you confidence to pursue your dreams and use your gifts?

A Passion for Living and Living your Passion

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