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Women of all ages and ethnicities are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love pink. If you check out my website there is pink everywhere. So finding pink to wear to raise breast cancer awareness is not even a challenge. While we all strive to support awareness, research and victims of the disease, not all breast cancer charities have the same mission. When I originally had the idea about sharing information about breast cancer charities I had more of an expose agenda in mind. However the more research that more I recognized an opportunity to share some useful information with others to help them make decisions about the best way for them to support the cause.


All Breast Cancer Charities Are Not Created Equal

Just as with many nonprofit organization there is public information available about breast cancer charities that tell how much actually goes to what they are supporting and how much of their actual donation dollar makes it to the cause. I originally was going to spell that out for everyone but instead came across a great piece from . You can check out your own favorite breast cancer charity to see how they measure up. What I learned from my research and what I want to share is a little information around the different ways breast cancer charities use your money.

Where Does Your Donation Go?

There are three basic forms of breast cancer charity donation uses:

  • Research – This includes treatment and prevention
  • Raising Awareness – This one I find to be the most slippery slope and can be a catch all for being pink washed
  • Support – This includes financial support for those going through treatment as well as counseling services for survivors.

When learning about breast cancer charities I found I was drawn most to the support category. Change and impact at the individual and personal level resonates strongly with me.

Breast cancer charities, awareness, october, pink ribbon
There are many opportunities when it comes to breast cancer charities.

So you may wonder where do all the pink ribbon items and walks for the cure fit into this whole matrix of giving. I have many friends who I love dearly who were inspired to walk for either a survivor or victim of breast cancer. If you research further into the charity organizations themselves you will find not a great deal of money goes to finding a cure but the awareness level has risen greatly due to these events. I happily support participants because I recognize it makes them feel empowered. I want to point out when I contribute I am supporting them not necessarily the organizations. The same goes for the pink washed items. Yes they raise awareness, but the tax benefits and recognition for the contribution go to the company promoting the item and that is in the case where they make a contribution at all. Some items that are pink ribbon are just for awareness. If you really want to donate choose a charity and donate directly. This allows you to reap the tax benefit yourself.

My New Favorite Charity

In the course of studying the various breast cancer charity organizations there was one that particularly resonated with me. The Pink Fund offers financial help to those diagnosed to help them get through the treatment period when they may be out of work. I like it because it helps at the individual level and the stress of financial worries while you are fighting for your health can impede healing. They are not yet ranked on Charity Navigator (I suggest you check out all of your giving on this site) but I will check back. I liked their mission.

Whatever your passion is there is a charity that can use your support. Support doesn’t mean just dollars. Your time is one of the most valuable things that you can give.
Feel free to share this message with someone you love!

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The Passion Professor

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