About Patricia Mooneyham The Passion Professor

Adult Sexual Health Education
Condifence is Sexy Every Day ~ Patricia Mooneyham the Passion Professor

My interest in the well being and health benefits of sex started in her teens. I grew up in an atmosphere of sexual acceptance. Sex was a normal part of a healthy adult relationship.  I didn’t even really know that eople thought sex was “dirty” until I went away to college when I was 17 to the University of Southern California.  So from small town rural teenager to big city college student it was just one more transition. I have long had an interest in various forms of sexual expression and L.A. provided lots of opportunities to learn.

Flash forward over 20 years later as a single mother with a teenage daughter. After finishing my Masters Degree from Widener University I was looking for something fun and entertaining to offset my management career. This interest lead her to become a consultant for the Pure Romance Company.  Patricia completed Pure Romance’s Gold Standard Certification Program; and has been in the business of helping women be happier by defining their own sexuality ever since. A native born Jersey Girl on a  global mission to help women be happier. In my spare time I love to travel, read and teach .

What You Don’t Know About Patricia

After 20 years in Management I went through a traumatic experience which literally left her unable to speak at times and completely devastated.  I had lost all ability to trust and literally allowed it to undermine my faith in myself and my ability to make decisions.  Cool and confident on the outside I was suppressing anger at having to disregard my values and try to continue to work in an atmosphere that wanted me to pretend to be someone I wasn’t and be okay in being used.  The security of my corporate career was snatched away as I was literally forced to choose between security and my health. The learnings from that experience have been priceless.  The experience taught her about misplaced loyalty, letting others define her and trying to be something she wasn’t were only a path to disaster mentally and emotionally, however the most important lesson I learned was how much there was a need for women to support each other.

Being a daughter, a mother, a sister, an aunt and a friend, each of life’s hardships have enabled me to become a stronger version of myself, and afforded her the ability to empathize with women on a much deeper level.  I am giving and fiercely loyal; always protecting the confidences of others with noble integrity.

And Just What is a Passion Professor?

The Passion Professor infuses happiness and desire from a love of knowledge to achieve confidence.

Trust is of the utmost importance.  I believe in holistic practices and is constantly increasing her knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils or as I  like to call it aphrodisiology™.  Taking control of health and priorities allows for a shift of the focus of life onto abundance, happiness, gratitude and fulfillment.  I  am an expert in all things sensuallectual™ and loves to share her passion and knowledge with others.  She leaves people much happier, self assured and sexier so that they too can have the confidence to be sexy everyday!

As the Passion Professor, I  specialize in combining Sexual Health Education, Personal Development, Relationship Evaluation, Personal Motivation, Stress Management and Relationship Enhancement Products in a safe and entertaining environment specifically researched and designed for women to enrich their Sexual Health and Personal Relationships.

She has a MS in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership from Widener University and a BA in Economics and Social Sciences and Communications from the University of Southern California. She also holds a Certificate of Eligibility to teach in the State of New Jersey, is a level 2 Reiki Practitioner, and essential oil enthusiast and former host of the online radio show – I’ll Have What She’s Having.