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I Became An Ordained In Less Than Two Minutes

Internet Ordained

So last Summer when I was in Haiti a customer turned friend messaged me saying how she thought I would make a good wedding official and suggested I find out how to get ordained. I focus on

marriage officiate, ordained
In a matter of minutes I was Ordained

unconditional love , happiness and positive communication. I am out going and choose to inspire others to new heights. She didn’t quite say all of those
things, but she made me feel pretty good about myself.

One Bright Sunny Sunday Morning

Fast forward about six months, I look at my Facebook feed and see that she is getting married that very day. I had pushed aside the ordained officiate concept and
have been focusing on ways to better communicate my existing services. In a moment of curiosity I said “Okay Google. How do I legally perform marriages in
New Jersey?” A plethora of websites were at my fingertips and I chose the AMM. Become an ordained minister in minutes. I found it ironic that I had just
been watching the movie Joyful Noise with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah just a couple of weeks before and this same process revealed itself in the movie.
Come to find out it wasn’t a bit of Hollywood fiction. It really only took a matter of a couple of minutes and I was an ordained minister. Capable of joining
two souls in holy matrimony in addition to baptisms and other related services. Dependent upon the state of course.

Funny What Happens

So becoming ordained unlike many other diplomas and certifications came quite easily for the low cost of about $48. Compared to the value of my degree from
USC (Fight On!) , my masters form Widener or various other trainings both on and offline it was a veritable deal. Just another lesson to be learned that
sometimes things that are meant to be can just come to us easily and without stress. This ease of access brought a flood gate of ideas about ways I could
help couples that are in the process of planning their eternal bliss. Areas like communication, family planning, finances, and decision making. As a
studier of people it amazes me how for some a marriage license just finalizes a growing commitment whole for others it is a complete change.

marriage classes
Helping happily ever after to a good satert

From Theory to Practice

Of course just like when I was testing essential oils for their ability to improve libido, or the attraction journal program for its ability to help
transition mindset from lack to abundance; I would definitely want to test this program. So if anyone is engaged and would like a chance to work with me now
is a great time to be part of the process to help others. Drop me an email and let me know. Or feel free to share with a friend.

Until Next Time