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Sexual Dysfunction – Basic Information Every Woman Should Know

Sexual Dysfunction Cause and Effect

Sexual Dysfunction can manifest itself in many different ways. The root causes can be physical, emotional or in many cases a combination of both. What resources are available to women to reclaim their sexuality?

Some of the leading causes of sexual dysfunction are:

  • Prescription Medications

    Sexual Dysfunction, libido, depression
    Many women suffer from Sexual Dysfunction in silence
  • Poor Diet
  • Stress
  • Abuse
  • Disease

How Sexual Dysfunction is Different for Women

Sexual dysfunction can manifest itself as a lack of interest in sexual activity or not being able to physical engage in sex. While this may be more obvious in men when they suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is not always so obvious in a woman. As a result  a woman’s sexual dysfunction can go unnoticed by her partner and untreated by her health care provider. Let’s face it ladies when our RN, GP or Gyno asks us if we are having any “problems” most of us are not thinking about our lack of libido.

The  fact that we may not desire sex anymore or that we are not achieving orgasm has not been considered something we should make a priority for most women. Women have been conditioned to minimize their sexual needs.

Everyday more and more medical evidence is being discovered on the significance and importance of a healthy sex life to our overall health.
According to a 2010 report the leading types of sexual dysfunction among women are:

  1. Lack of desire (47 percent)
  2. Orgasm problems (45 percent)
  3. Arousal issues (40 percent)
  4. Lack of satisfaction (39 percent)
  5. Lack of lubrication (37 percent)
  6. Pain (36 percent)


Unfortunately, it is not so obvious when a woman experiences dysfunction (unlike a man). The result is many women suffer in silence. They have no idea what denying their sexual needs does to their body overall or the health benefits of an orgasm. This is mainly because even among women talking about sex can cause discomfort.

Why Are Women So Uncomfortable with Their Sexuality?

Just this morning, I saw it before my own eyes. I was at a ladies networking breakfast and was asked to introduce myself to the group since it was my first time attending. I proceeded to talk about what I do. While several women quickly asked for my card one woman quickly stood up and excused herself. I don’t think she even finished her breakfast. while I seek to educate and inform the last thing I would ever want is to make a woman uncomfortable.

However, just the mention of sex is uncomfortable for some women and that is not good for their health or their relationships. When a woman feels she can’t talk about sex, it could be keeping her from communicating her needs. This applies  not only to her partner but also to her medical providers. Since female sex organs are neatly tucked away if a woman is having issues, it may not be evident in a standard exam.

Ready for the Good News?

Most forms of sexual dysfunction are completely treatable. The fist step is recognizing the signs. The next step is identifying the cause. There a multitude of complementary therapies and relationship enhancements that can put the sparkle back in the bedroom. This is where understanding the strong connection between the mind and the body can be so important.

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