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Cheers to More Orgasms in 2014

Sexual Satisfaction leads to mroe Orgasms
Orgasms create fireworks in the bedroom.

So when you were making all of those New Year’s Resolutions, were there any in there about orgasmssexual satisfaction, overcoming sexual dysfunction,  sexual health,  relationships and even just happiness in general? How about your weight, money, your energy levels and your stress levels? I really don’t watch television very often but this year I did take some time to see what the media was out there shouting from the rooftops. While I did see some great shows on the uses for essential oils and greener holidays, I also noticed all of those pharmaceutical commercials for male ED are still out there promising happiness in a pill. The age of the little blue pill is a whole other topic for a whole other time. What if I told you that your sex and relationship needs are tied to your goals for health and energy? Or better yet that sexual satiety is more than just penetration.  I wasn’t hearing much about that message.

Orgasms Mean More Satisfaction

What I also noticed was there is still not a large demand for helping women with their sexuality. I don’t mean jsut there reproductive parts but really owning their sexual happiness which includes having the magical, emotional reset of an orgasm. Ans maybe even lots of them. There were lots of things for appearance- skin, clothes, hair makeup. Appearance is defintiely linked to self esteem which is an important part of our sexual identity. So all of those things are important but not the most important.  And while I did see a lot of progress  in 2013 (thank you Dove) in the area of seeing beauty in terms of our own individual uniqueness.  Female sexuality still seems to be relegated to innuendo and an assumption that sex is something that a woman can take or leave unless she is trying to have a baby.

This is not to say sex and power struggles don’t exist or that women are not increasing in using their sexuality to get what they need and want.  Unfortunately, most of this increased sexual power is in the superficial entertainment industry. Thank you reality television.  The results are widening the gap between real women reaping the full benefits of a happy healthy sex life well in to their senior years and the idea of women just being sexually fulfilled in their twenties and thirties.  As  the life expentency for the human race continues to lengthen, understanding the importance of safe sexual practices and the role sexual release plays in our health needs to be added to our health and wellness goals. Since we are reaching goals- wouldn’t it be nicer to be totally sexually sated than just having sex?

Yours Truly-

The Passion Professor